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We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as a "FIRM OF ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTOR" having 31 years vast and varied experience of Engineering and Construction work.

We are registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as ´NO LIMIT CONTRACTOR´ in Category C – B.

We are also approved/pre-qualified ´NO LIMIT CONTRACTOR´ with all the major National, International Corporations and Govt./Semi Govt./Autonomous Bodies for bidding. Turn-key, EPC, Gallop and other type of contracts in Pakistan, and abroad (including Nigeria).

We have pride of being a Member of International Pipeline Contractor´s Association. Internationally known and recognized CONTRACTOR in Pakistan and abroad.

Our major fields of activities are as under:


Construction of Oil/Gas/Water/Waste Water/Chemical Pipelines & Utilities:

Route surveying, R.O.W. Marking, Grading and Trenching, Pipe Transportation, Stringing, Welding, Cleaning, Priming, Coating and Wrapping, Air Testing, Laying, Backfilling, Tie-in, Pipe Bending, Pigging, Hydrostatic Testing and Commissioning, Installing R.D. Marker and Cathodic Posts, Fabrication, Erection, Valve Assemblies, Piping, Manifold, Pipeline Crossings and all Civil work. Cement Mortar Lining Water Pipeline Internally. Also Guniting Cement Mortar Externally, On Pipe, Wall Surface and Structure.

Gas Gathering System:

Gas Gathering Pipelines/Header/Transmission Pipeline, Survey, Planning, Soil, Investigation, Developing Well-Head area, Connections and installation of Dehydration/Separator units & other Process/Purification Plants, Instrument, Inter-connections, Piping, Mechanical and Electrical work with Solar Electrical System, Instrumentation, Hydro Testing and Commissioning. All Foundations, Supports, Crossings and other Civil works.

Pipeline Crossing:

Pipeline Crossing, Over Bridge/Barrage, On Piles, Suspended and Thrust Bored under Canal, Road and Railways. Include all Civil, Mechanical works and also Expansion Loops etc. Tie-in, Testing and Commissioning.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) CAPABILITIY:

We have executed 20" Diameter x 0.438" W.T. Gas (Steel) Pipeline under Canal by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) System 05 crossings total length 736 RM. 16" Diameter x 0.375 W.T. Gas (Steel) Pipeline under Canal by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) System 04 crossings total length 645 RM.

Pipeline En-route Station (Facility):

Construction of Oil and Gas/Pumping (Booster) and Compressor Station with associate Facilities i.e. Civil/Mechanical, Piping , Structural Fabrication, Erection and Installation, Instrumentation, Testing and Commissioning. Residential Colony and Maintenance Facilities etc. Hot Drilling, Tapping, Stopple Plugging and Bye-pass fitting on existing Pipeline.

Oil and Gas Field Facilities/Refinery/Petro Chemical Plant:

Fabrication, Erection of Oil and Gas Process/Purification/ Dehydration/Condensate Plant, and all Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, RCC & Steel Structural works.

Installation of Compressor/Separator units, Cooler, Scrubber, Slug Catcher etc. Piping, Supports, Skids and Inter-connection of complete system, Electrical and Instrumentation, Testing and Commissioning. Construction and Installation HRSG Units with Stack & Foundations. Hydrolyser/Stripper Column and associated Equipment. Construction & Erection of Water and Sewerage Treatment Plant complete with Foundations and Disposal System.

Fabrication and Erection of Tanks:

Fabrication, Erection of Oil/Water Steel Storage Tanks, Ladders, Structural Work, Heat Exchanger etc.

Installation of Pumps, Piping and other Mechanical works including Foundation, Instrument and Electrical work. Earthen Dykes with Brick Pitching and other Civil work.

Machinery/Equipment Erection:

Transportation and Erection of heavy Equipment/Machinery Skids, Turbines, Compressors, Generators, Pumps, Vessel Heat Exchanger, Boilers maximum lift 200 tons and height 150 ft. Extensive Rigging experience and heavy Lifts, including Alignment, Leveling etc. complete with associated facilities and heavy foundations.

Steel Structure and associated works:

Pre-fabrication and Installation Steel Structure Bridges, Gantry, Beams, Trusses, Buildings, Skids, Boiler components (non-pressure parts), Supports and associated works. Supporting workshop facilities.

Pre-fabrication of Spools (as per developed isometrics), Erection and welding of piping, Valves, Bends & other Specials. Inter-connections of Pipeline networks, Cyclone, Dykes, Vessels, Stacks, Trusses and Walkway etc.

Fire Water Alarm System:

Laying, Water Lines, Main and Distribution. Installation of Hydrants, Monitor, Valves, Specials and Fitting etc. Pump Station and all Civil work. Providing Fire Extinguisher, Hose, Nozzle etc.

Electrical and Instrumentation works:

Installation of panels/MCC and Motors/Generators. Also Laying and Testing of Cable, Terminations and Energizing, Lighting System and Control Cabling. N.D.T systems – X-ray Machine, Ultrasonic inspection available in house.

Installation of Electronic/Solid State Systems, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Systems. Instrument Calibration, Installation and Testing.


Blast cleaning to SA 2½ and then Paint-Airless Spray System with all types of Paint materials. Also Thermal Insulation System installation along with special Machinery/Workshop for metal working.

Foundation and Other Civil Works:

Heavy foundations for Vessels, equipment, Machinery, Water Retaining and Oil Tanks, Supports/Anchors etc. Earth works, Embankment, Dykes, Bund Wall, Stone/Brick Pitching etc. RCC/Combined Steel Structure Shed/Store Buildings, Residential Colony, Workshops & Roads, Lighting, Sewerage etc. Camp construction by Portable Cabins (Container) office, Messing & Residential units arrangements

Water Supply Pipeline and Pump Station:

Construction of Rising Main, Penstock, Trunk Main, Conduit, Syphon, Pump House & Pumping Station, Clarifier Tank & Treatment Plants, Manhole Chambers, Thrust Blocks with Civil and Mechanical work.

Cleaning, Coating and Wrapping external surface Encasement with cement concrete. Internal Cement Mortar Lining 4" to 84" Ø Steel Pipeline and externally Gunited with Cement Mortar – up to 4" thickness. Installation of Turbine/Centrifugal/Plunger/Submersible Pumps, Associated Piping, Manifold/Interconnections and all Civil and Mechanical work.

Construction of Irrigation Projects:

Small Irrigation System, Main Canal- Hydraulic structure, Falls Cross and Head Regulator. Aqueduct and Bridges. Canal brick/Concrete Lining. Tile drainage (SCARP), Surface Drainage and Agricultural Development work. Construction of Dam Weir, Sluice, Vertical/Redial gates with Hosting arrangements. Earthen Embankment, Spur Coffer Dam, Earth work & Steel Sheet Piling. Rehabilitation of Canal/Regulators, Dredging etc. Sand Blasting all Steel work, Priming & Coating Paints. Residential Colony, Work Shop, Compound wall, Water Supply, Road, Lighting, Drainage System.


To establish itself as the front runner in providing services to the Oil & Gas Industry in particular and general contracting activities within Pakistan. Spares of safe operation, innovative skills and ethical outlook combined to produce high quality and a satisfying performance for clients, employee and shareholders.


ISO 9001 ISO 14001
BS OHAS 18001


MARATHON recognizes that every employee is entitled to be provided with a working environment that is safe and without risk to health. To this end every reasonable effort will be made and positive action taken to secure the health, safety and welfare of all personnel on company construction sites, fabrication shops, depots and offices, whilst keeping the environmental integrity intact.

In particular terms our policy is:

• To place the Health and Safety of employees and public ahead of the company's commercial interest while protecting the Environment;

• To provide and maintain safe systems of work to minimize risk to health, safety and environment;

• To provide adequate and proper facilities, equipment and safety apparel and ensure correct use of the PPE;

• To provide adequate training, information and instruction on health, safety and hazards to everyone in order to prevent injuries and health hazards and to keep the environment safe.

• To regard all industrial accidents as preventable.

• To commit towards safe environmental management and low impact/pollution practices and procedure for the work.

• To openly report all HSE performances, favorable or not.

All members of the workforce employed throughout the Company's projects and operations should therefore acknowledge their responsibility for protection of Health, Safety and Environment by making it the top priority in all aspects of their work.

(Tariq Rasheed Khan)
Managing Director

Marathon Construction Company (Pvt.) Ltd.

Date: 27-02-2001
Doc. Ref. HSE-01-01


Marathon Construction Company, as a leading Construction Contractor in all aspects of engineering, has adopted a policy to ensure the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System.

The quality objective of Marathon Construction Company is to continually improve overall performance so that Customers can be provided with a service that ensures safety, reliability and value in all contracts undertaken by the company.

The Management at Marathon Construction Company is committed to Quality.

– It is our belief that our Customer Quality requirements can only be attained through the active involvement of all employees both within the Company and those assigned for Projects and a continuous update of the QA/QC Systems – to meet the standards of work " .

This Quality commitment can only be achieved through the right training, techniques, supervision and attitude to building a quality product for our Customers.

The Manager, Quality and Safety have the authority and organizational freedom to identify quality problems, to initiate, recommend, or provide solutions, and to verify implementation of Quality Systems.

The Quality Manual, Procedures and Quality Plans form the "key stone" of Marathon Construction Company Principle, to hand over a quality product built in accordance with codes, specifications and clients engineering practices.

The Company Quality Management System is fundamental in the training of all employees and during induction of new employees. This ensures that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.

(Tariq Rasheed Khan)

Managing Director

Marathon Construction Company (Pvt.) Ltd.

Date: October 03, 2001
Doc. Ref: QTA-03-010


We continue to control and minimize risks to our environment through a policy of deploying company resources to develop and establish safe working procedures. We practice strict compliance with all Environmental laws.

The Company objectives include as a core activity the safety and protection of the Environment.

Hazardous substance storage and disposal is strictly controlled in accordance with supplier's recommendations. Pollution due to waste gases, solid and liquid waste is eliminated through the recommended disposal systems.

Restoration and replacement of the land is achieved by working around tree clusters and topsoil is preserved/re-laid after working.

The Company management and employees are committed to safe environmental management and low impact/pollution practices/procedures for the work.

Site Managers are encouraged to spread environmental awareness within the Company Employees. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Improvements in performance and compliance are sustained through an active interaction program and audit. Violations carry reprimands and fines. Monthly reports cover environmental violations along and with those for safety.

We consider ourselves as an Environmentally friendly Company operating throughout Pakistan . Our program enables us to maintain an effective Environmental Policy.

Marathon has successfully completed 34 Nos Hot Tapping Project, Dia 2" – 24" on steel pipelines on at different locations all over the world.